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I was on the pleasurehorse.com message board when I stumbled across "worst show experiences".

I used to show a been-there-done-that Paint gelding that knows how things are run. The first time I showed him in halter, I was trotting him past the judges and I hear “slap, slap, slap” coming from behind me. I get to the rail and a lady standing the outside is yelling “Five, five, five!” at me. I was like, what, I got 5th? How do you know that already? How rude. Then I look back to Sam to get him set up, and he keeps arching his back up and grunting. I thought OMG, he’s having a siezure. Then I saw what he was doing...he was, um, “entertaining himself” with his penis. The slapping sound was it slapping against his stifles as he trotted and the person on the rail was telling me that the 5th leg was out. This was the first gelding I’d ever shown and had no idea how to make him stop and put it away. People on the outside were telling me to pinch his lips, put my fingernail into his gums, smack it with the leadstrap, all kinds of advice. But he just wouldn’t stop. So during the whole class, while the judges were walking around, he stood there and played with himself the whole time. The two male judges were not amused and didn’t even walk anywhere near where we were standing. The woman judge came over, looked him over like nothing was happening, and as she was walking away said “Its OK honey. Boys do that a lot.” I was never so embarrassed, but at least she gave me a placing. LOL

Well, my worst show EVER was when I was about 16 years old. I had this super green QH gelding that I just loved to death and it was our first show together. It was an all western open show and our first class is showmanship. At the time it was my best class with him so I was super excited, both of us are looking our best. We begin the pattern, nail everything in it, then trot up to the judge for inspection. Right after I set him up he LAID DOWN and starts rolling. He flipped on his back and did the back scratcher thing. I was just standing there with my jaw dropped. Stupid horse gets up, shakes off, and sets his feet back up. The judge was trying not to laugh so hard that she kept snorting. Needless to say, we didn't place.

I was showing in Harrington DE in 2003 and my mare grabbed a bag of potato chips out of a ladys hand while we were at the walk! She went about four strides and dropped them. Get this I still won the class.....I was mortified....but I still won it. The judge never seen a thing!

Well this cute older non pro lady loped her horse in the arena thinking it was break time, but a rider was still cutting a cow in competition. The announcer had to tell her to leave the ring. So there she was circling the arena at one end and this guy was cutting a cow at the other. Now i will say she was a blonde, maybe not natural.

A friend was dragged by her finger caught in the lead of her weanling until her finger pulled off.

The Paint Worlds were held in Denver in 86 and we entered my daughter in youth halter geldings and walk trot. She is all spiffed up, horse is all spiffed up. Now to give perspective my daughter is 5'1 NOW, she was like 3'2 as a 8 yr old...her gelding, on the other hand, was 16'2 Sonny Dee Bar bred and wide as an 18 wheeler.
Standing at the entry gate, one of the nbc newscasters recognizes our trainer, talks to him for a while and the trainer casually points to my daughter and says "thats a local Denver girl". Newscaster immediately tells cameraman to focus on my daughter. Lots of noise, now lights on him, horse pulls back (not badly, but he shouldn't have, but he is only 3 lol), so daughter grabs the leadline with both hands and hangs off the end of it, both feet off the ground, swaying gently. And we made the national news that nite, got tons of calls. I still have that tape - tv station charged me 15 bucks for a copy of a 30 second tape with a 10 second newscast leadin - I wouldn't sell it for $10K. Thankfully, the news station guy did not realize what a big no no she had committed!!
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