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I have been showing since I was 8 years old, and have taken high point at least once in every category I've competed in except for showmanship.

So, it's kind of unfortunate that I have a show in 11 days, and the only class I'm doing is showmanship with my 2 year old appendix Quarter Horse gelding.

I'm training him with a mentor and she is helping me a lot, but there are little things that she does that I know are incorrect, and as little as I do know, I'm kind of worried.

What he's trained to do so far: set up, hind haunch turn on both right and left side, backing, walking, trotting, and A LITTLE BIT of forehand turning. All of those maneuvers will be needing major brushing up before the show, but I'm working on it.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers. This is for a high school Equestrian Team show, so it's not like it's major or anything, but it's my first show with my new gelding and the only horses I have shown are very seasoned, very broke Quarter Horses, paints and arabs. This will be Chase's (my gelding) first show, and just practicing showmanship in the parking lot at my barn got him distracted. Yet beforehand I will work him out a lot. My class is at 8AM.

Also, links to training websites are appreciated. I found lots of H&R articles, which are very helpful.

Thanks so much! sorry for x-post
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