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Horse Show Riders

You Show, Girl!

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Welcome to YouShowGirl, the LJ horse show community!
We are open to all types of horse show riders, from your home barn to the world show! We want to hear about your show horses, where you show, how you did, what you won, whatever!

However, we have to have some rules.

1) If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. Anyone arguing with a bad attitude (civilized arguing is fine) or being mean will be kicked out. Horse show people are big divas, I know. But, not here. You've been warned.

2) Show related topics only please! There are plenty of other horse communities where you can discuss pony's training tips.

3) Please place all pics behind an LJ cut! We really want to see them, but please, keep our computers from going insane.

4) No illegal show practices will be discussed, ie soring, tail blocking, whatever.

Other then that, have fun!

Your friendly moderator,